Vampires' Sound Inc. - Psychedelic Danceparty (1969 - Germany)

Vampires' Sound Inc. were actualy 2 German composers: Manfred Hübler and Siegfried Schwab. Blaring Stax horn sections, wild psychedelic fuzz box guitar, jazzy organ runs, strutting funkadelic drum and bass, and an occasional glockenspiel or sitar for freakout effect. Manfred Hubler and Siegfred Schwab toss this melange of styles into a Cusinart blender and hit the "puree" button. Jess Franco obtained the music for his soundtracks from two obscure albumns by "Vampires Sound" (the two German composers) called "Psychedelic Dance Party" and "Sexadelic", soley because he like the female vampire design on the album covers. Both LP's were transfered completly back to back in original running order on a CD called "3 Films by Jess Franco" which was limited to 500 copies. Groovy ,baby!