Lez Zeppelin

1. Whole Lotta Love
2. The Ocean
3. On The Rocks
4. Since I've Been Loving You
5. Rock And Roll
6. Winter Sun
7. Communication Breakdown
8. Kashmir

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Punk's Not Dead (2007)

On the edge of the 30th anniversary of punk rock, Punk's Not Dead takes you into the sweaty underground clubs, backyard parties, recording studios, and yes, shopping malls and stadium shows where punk rock music and culture continue to thrive. Thirty years after bands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols infamously shocked the system with their hard, fast, status-quo-killing rock, the longest-running punk band in history is drawing bigger crowds than ever, "pop-punk" bands have found success on MTV, and kids too young to drive are forming bands that carry the torch for punk's raw, immediate sound. Meanwhile, "punk" has become a marketing concept to sell everything from cars to vodka, and dyed hair and piercings mark a rite of passage for thousands of kids. Can the true, nonconformist punk spirit still exist in today's corporatized culture? Featuring interviews, performances, and behind-the-scenes journeys with the bands, labels, fans, and press who keep punk alive, Punk's Not Dead dares to juxtapose pop-punk's music and lifestyle against the roots in the 70s and 80s, resulting in unexpected revelations. A DIY search for the soul of a subculture and a celebration of all things loud, fast, and spiked, Punk's Not Dead shows punk is stronger and more relevant today than it's ever been.


Mandroid (1993)

In his hidden laboratory deep in Russia, Dr. Karl Zimmer has invented the Mandroid, a humanoid robot which follows the motions of a man in a special control suit. He has offered the invention to the USA, who have sent Smith and Wait from the CIA for inspection. However Zimmer’s partner Drago has different plans, wants to sell Mandroid to the military. The night he tries to steal Mandroid, he becomes exposed to the highly toxic Superconn. But he can flee and won’t give up on Mandroid, even though he’s terribly disfigured.


Password: Evileye

Ninja She Devil

Ninja She Devil (Youen Kunoichi Den: Tsubame Hen) is the first release in the Ninja Girl V-cinema series. In what will become a recurring theme for the rest of the series, kunoichi (female ninjas) use sex as a weapon of entrapment against their enemies. However, one of these kunoichi is caught in a difficult situation when given the choice between sacrificing her lover or dishonoring her master.


Message from Space (1978)

Uchu kara no messeji

In this film (with a plot inspired by the epic serial Nansō Satomi Hakkenden), the peaceful planet of Jillucia has been nearly wiped out by the metal skinned Gavanas, whose leader takes orders from his old wretched mother (played by comic actor Hideyo Amamoto in drag) rather than the Emperor. King Kaiba sends out eight Liabe holy seeds, each to be received by a chosen one to defend against the Gavanas. Each recipient, ranging from hardened General Garuda to a renegade Gavana Prince Hans to young Terrans Meia, Kido, and Aaron all have different reactions to being chosen. At the climax there is a sword fight between Prince Hans and the evil leader. Interesting is that even though the swords look standard, when they cut it causes an electrical surge which is a unique and neat effect.


Jubilee: One Year of SAD !!!!

This was the first post before all one year.

The Cramps - Live @ Napa State Mental Hospital (1978)

Happy Birthday "Sunglasses After Dark"

Robot Holocaust (1986)

Neo, a drifter from the atomic-blasted wastelands, arrives with his klutzy robot sidekick at a factory where slaves labor to fuel the sinister Dark One's Power Station. There, he meets a comely woman who convinces him to help rescue her scientist father, who has invented a device that can break the Dark One's control over the slaves. Gathering a motley crew of allies on the way, Neo and pals travel to the Power Station, where they confront the Dark One's evil servants.

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Enter The Dragon

The Cramps - How to Make a Monster (2004)

How To Make A Monster is the third compilation by the American garage punk band The Cramps. Comprising rare, previously-unreleased tracks, the release is a 2-CD set that includes a 28-page book with extensive liner notes by Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, as well as rare and unseen photos and flyers from their personal collection.

Disc 1 contains 1976 rehearsal material, some 1982 studio demos with Terry Graham of the Gun Club on drums, and several other unreleased studio recordings. Disc 2 contains two historic live performances of relatively poor recording quality, both from very early in their career: One at Max's Kansas City and the other at CBGB's.

Disc 1

Summer — 1976

1. Quick Joey Small (Joey Levine/Arthur Resnick) — 2:08
2. Lux's Blues — 1:14
3. Love Me (Rosalind Michelle Pullens/Link Wray) — 2:56
4. Domino (Sam Phillips) — 2:34
5. Sunglasses After Dark (Marty Lott) — 1:16
6. Subwire Desire (Sam Phillips) — 2:50
7. TV Set — 3:12
8. Sunglasses After Dark (Marty Lott) — 2:29

October 1976

9. I Was a Teenage Werewolf — 3:08
10. Can't Hardly Stand It (Jody Chastain/Charlie Feathers/Jerry Huffman) — 3:21

1981 Rehearsal

11. Sweet Woman Blues (Sonny Terry) — 4:54
12. Rumble Blues (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 1:49
13. Rumble Blues (False Start) (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 0:49
14. Rumble Blues (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 3:28
15. Rumble Blues (Milt Grant, Link Wray) — 2:32
16. Lonesome Town (Baker Knight) — 4:13

1982 A&M Studio

17. Five Years Ahead of My Time (Evans/Pike) — 2:10
18. Call of the Wighat — 4:35
19. Hanky Panky (Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwich) — 2:55

1988 Rehearsal

20. Journey to the Center of a Girl — 3:35
21. Jackyard Backoff — 3:04
22. Everything Goes — 1:53

1988 Home Demo

23. All Women are Bad — 3:47

[edit] Disc 2

Live at Max's Kansas City, 1/14/77

1. Don't Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk — 2:06
2. I Was a Teenage Werewolf — 3:10
3. Sunglasses After Dark — 5:03
4. Jungle Hop — 2:20
5. Domino — 3:18
6. Love Me — 3:21
7. Strychnine — 4:19
8. TV Set — 3:25
9. I'm Cramped — 2:33

Live At CBGBs 1/13/78

10. The Way I Walk — 3:27
11. Love Me — 3:01
12. Domino — 3:39
13. Human Fly — 3:04
14. I Was a Teenage Werewolf — 3:25
15. Sunglasses After Dark — 4:43
16. Can't Hardly Stand It — 3:34
17. Uranium Rock — 3:02
18. What's Behind the Mask — 3:00
19. Baby Blue Rock — 3:01
20. Subwire Desire — 2:53
21. I'm Cramped — 2:51
22. TV Set — 3:38

Part 1 Part 2

Fight Club


Beautiful Girl hunter (1979)

Dabide no hoshi: Bishôjo-gari (1979)

A murderer running from the police breaks into the house of a wealthy couple and rapes the homeowner's wife while the man looks on. The woman has an orgasm while being assaulted, so earning the hatred of her husband, who subsequently punishes her by repeatedly tying her up, whipping her, and forcing her to watch him commit adultery. The man does, however, raise the woman's son, Tatsuya, as his own, even though the boy's biological father is the rapist. When Tatsuya becomes an adult (after his mother's suicide and his father's death while boating), he decides to adopt a new liftestyle. He begins kidnapping women so that he can torture, rape, and kill them in a dungeon beneath his mansion. At the same time, his actual father decides to pay him a visit, and, following their reunion, the two men jointly indulge in various acts of brutality.


Robotrix (1991)

The film tells the story of Selina (Chikako Aoyama), a beautiful female cop, who is assigned to bodyguard a middle eastern prince who is staying in Hong Kong. But then, a mad scientist who has transferred his mind into a cyborge which looks human comes and kills Selina, then kidnaps the prince and holds him for ransom. To save the prince and stop the evil scientist-turned killer cyborge, good scientist Dr. Sara (Hui Hiu Dan) and her cyborge assistant Ann (Amy Yip) transfer Selina's mind into the body of a cyborge that looks just like her. Now Selina, Ann, Dr. Sara and Selina's cop fiance (David Wu) (who had been told Selina survived the shooting and doesn't know she's a cyborge now), must team up to defeat the bad guy.


Password : flafla