Tundi Horvath


"Twin Set and Pearls"

Eva "Tundi" Horvath (or Orwache) was born in 1965 in Budapest, Hungary. She was a stunning blonde of mind-boggling proportions and was yet another discovery of the great Russ Meyer. Russ Meyer is rumoured to have shot extensive footage of Tundi for his never-released epic, The Breast of Russ Meyer. However, her career was relatively short. Meyer did shoot her in 1987 for the French magazine, Newlook, (and her layouts appeared in a few other magazines), including Oui and the March 1990 issue of Fling, but she did little after that.


John "the Kimura" Pastas said...

This is a rare finding. I've searched for her stuff on the web but there's not much to be found. I wish there was more.

John "the Kimura" Pastas said...

Indeed a very rare finding. She's incredible.

Anonymous said...

Yep and guess what? She's on Facebook now, I looked her name up and couldn't believe she's on there.

Has a son now, her status says she's in a relationship but most of those girls that have modeled nude say that because they get emails from freaks, so who knows?

Say's she lives in Canada now. She shot this so long ago she probably thinks people forgot about it.

scott said...

check out, big breast archive,the site has pictures & video of Tundi.

scott said...

check big breast archive.com for more on Eva Tundi Horvath.