Roadracers (1994)

Robert Rodriguez shows us that you don't need a fourtune, a major studio, or big name stars to make a memorable and utterly stunning film of this caliber. Rob goes for the rebel in all of us with this effective script and his signature WHAM BAM style of filming and editing. Rob gives us a great American masterpiece with a solid story and incredably on-the-point acting from Arquette and the rest of the cast. Most memorable are the fight scenes with the pounding LINK WRAY music that I can't seem to find in any record store! Look out for the ketchup bottle!


Hell Ride (2008)

“Hell Ride” is a raucous throwback to the days of the Sergio Leone spaghetti western, with a heaping helping of testosterone-fueled chopper action thrown into the mix. Writer/director Larry Bishop takes on a third role as Pistolero, head honcho of the Victors, a group of badass bikers who are out to avenge the murder of one of their members at the hands of the 666ers, a rival gang whose actions live up to their hellish moniker. Along with his cohorts, the Gent (deviously portrayed by Michael Madsen) and the mysterious Comanche (Eric Balfour), Pistolero aims to take down the Deuce and Billy Wings, menacing leaders of the 666ers, but a mutiny looms on the horizon when his commitment to profit is questioned by a few of his fellow Victors. An even larger story unravels when previously unknown information about Comanche resurrects ghosts from Pistolero’s past.

Although there is enough sex, violence, and all-out machismo to keep grind-house fans firmly plastered to their seats, Bishop’s take on the genre strays far from exploitation as he weaves a twisting, multilayered tale of revenge, loyalty, and brotherhood that is brought to life by a superb ensemble cast, with memorable performances by Dennis Hopper, Vinnie Jones, and David Carradine. In the words of Comanche, “The road to hell is paved with anything but good intentions.”

Hell Ride

The Big Bird Cage (1972)

The Big Bird Cage is a lovely movie all around. There's plenty of gorgeous and fertile *ahem* scenery. And by scenery I mean the constant nudity, as well as Pam Grier's majorly caged rack (she doesn't take it off in this one!). The Big Bird Cage is a damn entertaining movie. It's part zany, part savage, and hella impressive throughout. Both this movie and its predecessor, The Big Doll House, are in a completely different grade level than their peers in the women-in-prison genre. The Big Doll House was a huge success, grossing $10 million in theaters. The BBC followed it up strong with the same formula that made the first one great. The sets and the cast were expanded for The BBC, but each of the characters still retain the same uniquely endearing camp qualities that make the scenes memorable. Jack Hill, the writer and director of both films, has been largely credited for pioneering the women in prison genre based on these two movies.

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El Mariachi (1992)

Filmed in two weeks on a budget of 7,000 dollars, El Mariachi was one of the singular pleasures of the 1993-1994 movie season. Kind-spirited guitarist El Mariachi (Carlos M. Gallardo) simply wants to wander through life as his father and grandfather did, with a song in his heart and a smile on his lips. He wanders into a small mob-run town, guitar case in hand. It so happens that the local criminal element is awaiting the arrival of vicious hit man Azul (Reinol Martinez), who is well known for carrying his weapons in…a guitar case. Just when you think you’ve got a lock on what’s going to happen next, director Robert Rodriguez throws us for a loop, unexpectedly alternating whimsical comedy with graphic violence. Rodriguez later retooled the plot of El Mariachi for his far more expensive (and far less satisfying) Antonio Banderas vehicle Desperado (1995).



The Beast in Heat (1977)

This is one of many so called Video Nasties about fictionalized World War 2 Nazi POW camp atrocities. A beautiful, nefarious senior female SS officer/doctor (Magall) creates a genetic, mutant human Beast (half man/half beast). The Beast is a rapacious, squat, mongoloid sex fiend which she uses to torture and molest female prisoners while the Nazis watch. The vertically challenged beast is kept on a diet of mega-aphrodisiacs. There is plenty of sadistic titillations, gore and nudity in this Nazi sub-genre exploitation flick.
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Visiting Hours (1982)

Deborah Ballin is a controversial middle-aged TV journalist, who is campaigning on air on behalf of a battered woman who murdered her abusive husband, claiming justifiable defense against the so-called victim. But her outspoken views championing women's rights incense one of the studio's cleaning staff, closet homicidal psycho (and misogynist) Colt Hawker whose deep seated despising all all things female occurred from seeing his Mother throwing boiling oil in the face of his abusive Father when he was a small child (and who's M.O. is to photograph victims he stabs as they're spasming to death). So much so that he decides there and then to shut her up...PERMANENTLY! Managing to beat her home, he soon dispatches her maid Francine, before turning his rage onto her as she come home (greeting her in only wearing her jewelry and make-up). Despite the brutal injuries he lashes out on her, she manages to survive and is rushed off to hospital. But undaunted he catches up to her in hospital and disguised as a florist... he enter the building to continue his mission to finish her off...along with anyone else who gets under his skin.

The's Discography

Can't Help It! (1991)

01. "Ah-So"
02. "Let's Have A Party"
03. "Pinball Party"
04. "Jet Coaster"
05. "Wooly Bully"
06. "Wild Thing"
07. "Bond Girl"
08. "Motor Cycle Go-Go!"
09. "Fruit Bubble Love"
10. "The's"
11. "Woo Eee"
12. "Edie Is A Sweet Candy"
13. "I Was A Teenage Cave Woman"
14. "Blue Radio"
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The's (1994)

01. Harlem Nocturne
02. Oriental Rock
03. I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield
04. Arkansas Twist
05. Handsome Man
06. Rockin' Rochester
07. One Potato
08. Long Tall Sally
09. Cat Fight Run
10. I Don't Need You No More
11. Highschool Witch
12. Teenage Cleopatra
13. Tallahassee Lassie
14. Scream
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Bomb The Twist (1996) + Early Days Singles (1989 - 1996)

01. Bomb The Twist
02. Jane In The Jungle
03. Three Cool Chicks
04. Guitar Date
05. Woo Hoo
06. Dream Boy
07. Continental Hop
08. Jump Jack, Jump
09. Smilly Willy
10. Mr. Lee
11. It's Rainy
12. Road Runner
13. My Boyfriend From Outer Space
14. She Was A Mau Mau
15. Long Tall Sally
16. Scream
17. Hot Generation
18. Bond Girl
19. Fruit Bubble Love
20. Motor Cycle Go-Go-Go
21. Jet Coaster
22. The 5,6,7,8's
23. Edie Is A Sweet Candy
24. I Was A Teenage Cave Woman
25. Ah-So
26. Pinball Party
27. Blue Radi
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Pin Heel Stomp (1997)

1. "Pin Heel Stomp"
2. "Dance in the Avenue a"
3. "Arkansas Twists"
4. "Hey! Mashed Potato, Hey!"
5. "Spell Stroll"
6. "The Barracuda"

Teenage Mojo Workout (2002)

01. (I'm Sorry Mama) I'm a Wild One
02. I'm Blue
03. Road Runner
04. I Got A Man
05. Typhoon Girl
06. Hanky Panky
07. Harlem Shuffle
08. Green Onions
09. In The Subway
10. Teenage Mojo Workout
11. Let's Go Boogaloo
12. New Orleans Rock

The Wicked City (1987)


Street Fighter II: The Movie (1994)

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