The Amazons (1973)

Story revolves around tribe of amazons and the crowning of a new queen. Also deals with tribe's battle with male enemies. They meet once per year to allow for reproduction. All male children are supposedly killed at birth. Johnson and Sun vie for throne. Paluzzi plays the queen until new queen is crowned. Johnson defeats Sun in wrestling match ( topless ) to become new queen and later on they fight in the nude.

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Mega Fox

Pamela Prati - Bella Seducente

This clip was recorded from the Italian television broadcast somewhere in North Africa

Bikini Summer (1991)

A group of friends are hired to redecorate a beach house while the elderly owners are out of town for the summer. Redecorating is the last thing on their minds, and a wild bikini filled summer is had by all. An imposter-photographer, a bikini designer, an all girl metal-band, and the token environmentalist all join forces in staging a riotous Bikini Contest... much to the consternation of the local D.A., and her loyal cadre of policemen.

Anna Nicole Smith - Edenquest

John Schroeder - Witchi Tai To (1969)

01 Grow Your Own
02 Wanna Thank You Girl
03 Back In the U.S.S.R.
04 A Picture Of You
05 Wana Nana Wana Nana
06 Witchi-Tai-To
07 The Bird Has Flown
08 Family Of Man
09 Smooth Heat
10 Wigwam

Radio: The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is a fictional masked crime fighter. Originally created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker for an American radio program in the 1930s, the character has appeared in other media as well, including film serials in the 1940s, a network television program in the 1960s, and multiple comic book series from the 1940s to the 1990s. Though various incarnations sometimes change details, in most incarnations the Green Hornet is Britt Reid, a newspaper publisher by day who by night goes out in his masked "Green Hornet" identity to fight crime as a vigilante, accompanied by his similarly masked Asian manservant Kato and driving a car, equipped with advanced technology, called "Black Beauty". The Green Hornet is often portrayed as possessing fair to above average hand-to-hand combat skills and is often armed with a gun that sprays knock-out gas (a sonic blast weapon called the "Hornet's Sting" was added to his arsenal for the TV series).

70 radio episodes

other 7 episodes

TV: Return to Treasure Island (1986)

Return to Treasure Island is a Disney mini-series, starring Brian Blessed as Long John Silver.
Disney Channel contracted the UK ITV broadcaster HTV Wales to actually produce the series, and it was shot in Wales, Spain and Jamaica. It was written by John Goldsmith, and directed by Piers Haggard and Alex Kirby.
HTV Wales' staff had little experience of high-end TV drama, but Director of Photography Tony Impey headed a crew which surpassed themselves in producing a very classy-looking series.
Music for the series was composed by Terry Oldfield, whose score for the BBC history series "In Search Of The Trojan War" had impressed Piers Haggard.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Based on the Steve McQueen TV westernthx to Buddha

The Easybeats - Gonna Have A Good Time

Track List:

01. Come and See Her
02. Women Make You Feel Alright
03. In My Book
04. Friday on My Mind
05. Made My Bed Gonna Lie In It
06. Who’ll Be the One
07. Saturday Night
08. Heaven and Hell
09. Pretty Girl
10. The Music Goes Round My Head
11. Come In You’ll Get Pneumonia
12. Hello How Are You?
13. Falling Off the Edge of the World
14. Remember Sam
15. The Land of Make Believe
16. We All Live Happily Together
17. Good Times
18. Lay Me Down and Die (Instr.)
19. St. Louis
20. Can’t Find Love
21. Who Are My Friends
22. Rock and Roll Boogie

The Power of Castle Gayskull

Source: He-Man and the Secret Of the Sword.

Eric Burdon & The Animals - Eric Is Here (1967)


01. In the Night
02. Mama Told Me (Not to Come)
03. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
04. This Side of Goodbye
05. That Ain't Where It's At
06. True Love (Comes Only Once in a Lifetime)
07. Help Me Girl
08. Wait Till Next Year
09. Losin' Control
10. It's Not Easy
11. Biggest Bundle of Them All
12. It's Been a Long Time Comin'