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Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

"a movie dedicated to cinematography from land who doesn't exist anymore"

Old Time Radio Catalog

SF Lady: Sean Young

Sean Young plays the love interest to Harrison Ford's anti-social detective Deckard. Unaware that she is, in fact, an artificial human called a replicant, Deckard shatters her world by sarcastically revealing the secret. Rachel may be manufactured, but with that classical beauty, she's quality workmanship!

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Прваче сум веќе
вистина е цела
во жили ми тече
крв Титовска врела
Букварот го сакам, книгите ги дружам
на земјава родна 
вечно ќе и служам.

Birth Control - Gamma Ray

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Janus - Gravedigger (1971)

Janus, born as a progressive rock band made up of English musicians in Krefeld in Germany in 1970. Signed to EMI Harvest, they recorded their album, "Gravedigger" in 1971. Remarkably, the whole album, including mixing was put together in 24 hours of studio time.

The band has two very distinct sides. Capable of soft, beautiful melodies, they also cranked out some mega-decibel material, which a few years later would have had them tagged as a punk band.

The hightlight of the album is the title-track, Gravedigger and with a length of 20 minutes plus this is a significant part of the album. The track has a light acoustic start with guitar against a backdrop of keys. The introduction ends with what feels like a spaghetti western guitar section which fits perfectly. A little over half way through the track sees the guitar taking a more classical approach with a gorgeous melody against a gentle tide/beach backdrop. A melancholy, reflective, slow moving and captivating track is progressive as opposed to the remaining hard rock music on the album. There are some very nice moments, both acoustic and electric guitar throughout.

Line-up :
- Colin Orr / guitar, keyboards
- Roy Yates / classical guitar
- Bruno Lord / vocals
- Derek Hyatt / vocals
- Mick Pederby / bass
- Keith Bonthrone / drums

Track List :
01. Red Sun - 8:59
02. Bubbles - 3:54
03. Watcha' Trying To Do - 3:53
04. I Wanna Scream - 2:46
05. Gravedigger - 20:53
06. Red Sun - 5:34
07. Napalm (Sticks To Kids) Watergarden (Bonus) - 6:59
08. War Machines (Bonus) - 3:56
09. Yesterday Has Turned To Shapeless Life (Bonus) - 4:37
10. Yesterday Has Turned To Shapeless Life (Bonus Instrumental) - 5:35

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Lifeforce (1985)

From the director of Poltergeist and co-writer of Alien comes a thrilling sci-fi adventure of explosive action and pulse-pounding suspense. With mind-blowing special effects by Oscar Award winner John Dykstra (1977: Visual Effects, Star Wars), Lifeforce is a sci-fi extravaganza that delivers out-of-this-world excitement. A mission to investigate Halley's Comet discovers an even more fascinating phenomenon: an alien spacecraft! After a deadly confrontation, the aliens travel to Earth, where their seductive leader (Mathilda May) begins a terrifying campaign to drain the life force of everyone she encounters. Her victims, in turn, continue the cycle, and soon the entire planet is in mortal danger.And when the mission's sole survivor (Steve Railsback) sets out to destroy her, he comes face to face with the most charming and horrifying being he's ever known. Will he be able to destroy the lovely vampiress...or will he become yet another victim of her fatal charm?

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Birth Control - Hoodoo Man (1973)

1. Buy
2. Suicide
3. Get down to your fate
4. Gamma ray
5. Hoodoo man
6. Kaulstoss


Motown meets The Beatles

01. Hard Day's Night - The Supremes
02. Eleanor Rigby - The Four Tops
03. We Can Work It Out - Stevie Wonder
04. Hey Jude - The Temptations
05. Yesterday - Marvin Gaye
06. Long and Winding Road - Diana Ross
07. Come Together - The Supremes
08. She's Leaving Home - Syreeta
09. You Can't Do That - The Supremes
10. Fool on the Hill - The Four Tops
11. Michelle - The Four Tops
12. And I Love Her - Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
13. Something - Martha Reeves & the Vandellas
14. Let It Be - Gladys knight & the Pips
15. Imagine - Diana Ross
16. My Love - Junior Walker
17. My Sweet Lord - Edwin Starr


Jan Svankmajer's Alice

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Where Socks and I'm Late! I'm Late!

Hungry Frog and The Caterpillar

One Drink Makes You Smaller and The Cavalry

Frank Zappa - Sheik Yerbouti (1979)

EAC/FLAC (separate files)
Full Scans | 300 dpi
Genre: Experimental Rock | Avant-Grade

- Frank Zappa / lead guitar, vocals
- Adrian Belew / rhythm guitar, vocals
- Tommy Mars / keyboards, vocals
- Peter Wolf / keyboards
- Patrick O’Hearn / bass, vocals
- Terry Bozzio / drums, vocals
- Ed Mann & David Ocker / clarinets on “Wild Love”
- Napoleon Murphy Brock, Andre Lewis, Randy Thornton & Davey Moire / background vocals

01. I Have Been in You [live] (3:33)
02. Flakes [live] (6:41)
03. Broken Hearts Are for Assholes [live] (3:42)
04. I'm So Cute (3:09)
05. Jones Crusher (2:49)
06. What Ever Happened to All the Fun in the... (0:33)
07. Rat Tomago [live] (5:15)
08. Wait a Minute (0:33)
09. Bobby Brown Goes Down [live] (2:49)
10. Rubber Shirt (2:45)
11. The Sheik Yerbouti Tango [live] (3:56)
12. Baby Snakes [live] (1:50)
13. Tryin' to Grow a Chin [live] (3:31)
14. City of Tiny Lites [live] (5:32)
15. Dancin' Fool [live] (3:43)
16. Jewish Princess [live] (3:16)
17. Wild Love [live] (4:09)
18. Yo' Mama [live] (12:36)

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Frankenhooker (1990)

"If you only see one movie this year, it should be Frankenhooker"
-Bill Murray

This is your standard New Jersey love story, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, girl gets sliced to ribbons by remote control lawnmower, boy patches girl back together with parts from hookers, girl goes on a rampage in New York City. The film is a riot, especially the "Exploding Prostitutes" scene, half a dozen naked women blowing apart! Jeffrey is an electrician who dabbles in mad science, he even has this weird cyclops-brain creature. (Still don't understand that thing, but it ends up in a fish tank, swimming happy with the guppies.) At Mr. Shelley's birthday party an accident involving the powerful remote control lawnmower grinds up Elizabeth, she kills herself actually. More...

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Mogudan Nakayohi - Rei Ayanami

Rei Ayanami is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. She is the First Child (First Children in the Japanese version) and pilot of the Evangelion Unit 00.

At the beginning of the series, Rei is an enigmatic figure whose unusual behavior confounds her peers. As the series progresses, her personality evolves and she becomes more involved with the people around her, particularly her classmate and fellow Eva pilot Shinji Ikari. She is revealed to be a key factor in the events that conclude the storyline. Her role in this conclusion is not made clear in the TV series, but is one of the principal plot points of The End of Evangelion.

The Doujins:
user posted image
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ayanami 00 (English)
Pages: 42
Size: 19.7 MB
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user posted image
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ayanami 01 (English)
Pages: 24
Size: 3.2 MB
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user posted image
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ayanami 02 (English)
Pages: 20
Size: 1.9 MB
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user posted image
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ayanami 03 (English)
Pages: 20
Size: 1.7 MB
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user posted image
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ayanami 04 (English)
Pages: 22
Size: 2.4 MB
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user posted image
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ayanami 04 Unfinished Comiket Version aka One Student Compilation (English)
Pages: 34
Size: 7.5 MB
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user posted image
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ayanami 05 (English)
Pages: 20
Size: 2 MB
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Pippi in the South Seas (1970)

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The great success of the original 13-part PIPPI LONGSTOCKING television series and the first two film spin-offs demanded further adventures for Pippi and her friends, the end result being this wonderful and lively pirate-pounding epic, which has become something of a camp cult classic. Much of the film shoot took part on Barbados in the West Indies, adding a whole new and exotic look to this swashbuckling saga. PIPPI IN THE SOUTH SEAS also benefits immensely from being a deliberately scripted film as opposed to the haphazard method utilised for the previous two films, which had been constructed from snippets of the TV episodes, cobbled together with scant regard for continuity etc. However, it seems author Astrid Lindgren had less input into this script as the story has little in common with her best-selling book of the same title.

In fact the updated storyline for PIPPI IN THE SOUTH SEAS is cracking stuff in its own right, full of inventive ideas and visuals which are compromised to a degree by the low budget and the 'special effects' technology then available. However, as usual the central trio of Inger Nilsson, Maria Persson and Pär Sundberg as Pippi, Annika and Tommy dive into the action with commendable vigour, pulling the viewer into the film with ease. This is a very physical film, with the children being required to jump into water, climb palm trees, hide inside wells, clamber up steep hillsides and even crawl inside cannon barrels! Pippi of course takes it all in her stride, but her two loyal companions also toughen up as the story progresses.

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Pippi Långstrump