Life After People - The History Channel (2008)

Abandoned skyscrapers would, after hundreds of years, become "vertical ecosystems" complete with birds, rodents and even plant life. One small animal might be responsible for bringing down the Hoover Dam hydroelectric plant. Swelled rivers, crumbling bridges and buildings, grizzly bears in California and herds of buffalo returning to the Great Western Plains: In a world without humans, these would be the visual hallmarks. Our cars would shrivel to piles of dust, our house pets would be overtaken by flourishing wildlife and most of the records of our human storybooks, photos, recordswould fade quickly, leaving little evidence that we ever existed.Using feature film quality visual effects and top experts in the fields of engineering, botany, ecology, biology, geology, climatology and archeology, Life After People provides an amazing visual journey through the ultimately hypothetical.The 1986 nuclear power plant accident at Chernobyl and its aftermath provides a riveting and emotional case study of what can happen after humans have moved on. Life After People goes to remote islands off the coast of Maine to search for traces of abandoned towns, beneath the streets of New York to see how subway tunnels may become watery canals, to the Montana wilderness to divine the destiny of the bears and wolves.Humans won't be around forever, and now we can see in detail, for the very first time, the world that will be left behind in Life After People.

The Cramps - Confessions of a Psychocat (1997)

01 Cramp Stomp 3:23
02 God Monster 4:06
03 It Thing Hard-On 2:49
04 Like a Bad Girl Should 3:05
05 Sheena's in a Goth Gang 2:44
06 Queen of Pain 3:50
07 Monkey With Your Tail 3:38
08 Devil Behind That Bush 3:33
09 Super Goo 2:27
10 Hypno Sex Ray 2:26
11 Burn She-Devil, Burn 2:23
12 Wet Nightmare 3:36
13 Badass Bug 2:25
14 Haulass Hyena 2:53
15 Confessions of a Psycho Cat (*) 3:32
16 No Club Lone Wolf (*) 2:28
17 I Walked All Night (*) 2:49
18 Peter Gunn (*) 3:10


The Cramps - Big Beat From Badsville (1997)

1 Cramp Stomp 3:25
2 God Monster 4:06
3 It Thing Hard-On 2:49
4 Like a Bad Girl Should 3:05
5 Sheena's in a Goth Gang 2:44
6 Queen of Pain 3:50
7 Monkey With Your Tail 3:38
8 Devil Behind That Bush 3:33
9 Super Goo 2:27
10 Hypno Sex Ray 2:26
11Burn She-Devil, Burn 2:23
12 Wet Nightmare 3:36
13 Badass Bug 2:25
14 Haulass Hyena 2:53
15Confessions of a Psycho Cat 3:32
16No Club Lone Wolf 2:28
17I Walked All Night 2:49
18Peter Gunn 3:10


The Cramps - Look Mom, No Head (1991)

01 - Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots
02 - Two Headed Sex Change
03 - Blow up Your Mind
04 - Hard Workin' Man
05 - Miniskirt Blues
06 - Alligator Stomp
07 - I Wanna Get in Your Pants
08 - Bend over, I'll Drive
09 - Don't Get Funny With Me
10 - Eyeball in My Martini
11 - Hipsville 29 B.C.
12 - The Strangeness in Me

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The Cramps - Stay Sick (1990)

01. Bop Pills
02. God Damn Rock 'n' Roll
03. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
04. All Women Are Bad
05. Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon
06. Shortnin' Bread
07. Daisys Up Your Butterfly
08. Everything Goes
09. Journey To The Center Of A Girl
10. Mama Oo Pow Pow
11. Saddle Up A Buzz Buzz
12. Muleskinner Blues
13. Her Love Rubbed Off
pass: PunchDrunk

The Cramps - "Rockin'n'reelin in Auckland New Zeeland" (1986)

01. The Hot Pearl Snatch
02. People Ain't No Good
03. What's Inside A Girl?
04. Cornfed Dames
05. Sunglasses After Dark
06. Heartbreak Hotel
07. Chicken
08. Do The Clam
09. Aloha From Hell
10. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
11. Birdfeed
12. Blue Moon Baby
13. Georgia Lee Brown
14. Lonesome Town


The Cramps - A Date Will Elvis (1986)

01. How Far Can Too Far Go ?
02. The Hot Pearl Snatch
03. People Ain`t No Good
04. What`s Inside A Girl ?
05. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog ?
06. Kizmiaz
07. Cornfed Dames
08. Chicken
09. (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed
10. Aloha From Hell
11. It`s Just That Song
12. Blue Moon Baby
13. Georgia Lee Brown
14. Give Me A Woman
15. Get Off The Road


The Cramps - Bad Music for Bad People (1984)


01 - Garbage Man
02 - New Kind Of Kick
03 - Love Me
04 - I Can't Hardly Stand It
05 - She Said
06 - Goo Goo Muck
07 - Save It
08 - Human Fly
09 - Drug Train
10 - TV Set
11 - Uranium Rock


The Cramps "Off The Bone" 1983

This British collection includes the entirety of The Cramps' first release, the Gravest Hits EP, along with selections from Songs the Lord Taught Us, Psychedelic Jungle, and a live version of Smell of Female's "You Got Good Taste" (shortened here to "Good Taste"). It covers the years 1979-1983, a formative period in the band's long career. Ten of the tracks can also be found on the domestic comp, Bad Music for Bad People, which was released the following year. Although the bulk of the material consists of covers, you can hardly tell (barring an intimacy with any of the originals). Once The Cramps get hold of a song, they always make it their own--even the more recognizable numbers like "Surfin' Bird, "Lonesome Town," and "Fever." All benefit from Lux Interior's vocal prowess. He's a proto-punk screamer like Screamin' Jay Hawkins or The Sonics' Gerry Roslie on the rockin' numbers, but can caress a ballad like mid-period Elvis when the need arises. Not one of the songs sounds as if it could have been written anytime after the '60s. Alex Chilton produced the first 10 tracks, The Cramps the remaining seven. - Reviewer: K. C. Fennessy "freelance writer" (Seattle, WA USA)

1. Human Fly
2. The Way I Walk
3. Domino
4. Surfin` Bird
5. Lonesome Town
6. Garbageman
7. Fever
8. Drug Train
9. Love Me
10. I Can`t Hardly Stand It
11. Goo Goo Muck
12. She Said
13. The Crusher
14. Save It
15. New Kind Of Kick
16. Uranium Rock
17. Good Taste (Live)


The Cramps - Smell of Female (1983) Live

  1. "Thee Most Exaulted Potentate of Love"
  2. "You Got Good Taste"
  3. "Call of the Wighat"
  4. "Faster Pussycat"
  5. "I Ain't Nuthin' But a Gorehound"
  6. "Psychotic Reaction"
  7. "Beautiful Gardens"
  8. "She Said" (Hasil Adkins)
  9. "Surfin' Dead"

The Cramps - Songs The Lord Taught Us (1979)

Side A

  1. "T.V. Set"
  2. "Rock On The Moon"
  3. "Garbageman"
  4. "I Was a Teenage Werewolf"
  5. "Sunglasses After Dark"
  6. "The Mad Daddy"

Side B

  1. "Mystery Plane"
  2. "Zombie Dance"
  3. "What's Behind the Mask?"
  4. "Strychnine"
  5. "I'm Cramped"
  6. "Tear It Up"
  7. "Fever"

The Cramps - Psychedelic Jungle + Gravest Hits


01. Green Fuz
02. Goo Goo Muck
03. Rockin' Bones
04. Voodoo Idol
05. Primitive
06. Caveman
07. The Crusher
08. Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk
09. Can't Find My Mind
10. Jungle Hop
11. The Natives Are Restless
12. Under The Wires
13. Beautiful Gardens
14. Green Door
15. Human Fly
16. The Way I Walk
17. Domino
18. Surfin' Bird
19. Lonesome Town