Pan's People in Concert (1974)

Various dance routines and musical numbers performed by Britain's most popular dancing troupe and choreographed by former member Flick Colby.

Between 1970 and 1976 this BBC2 programme showcased top class musical acts in what was the ‘MTV Unplugged’ of its day. Elton John, Cliff Richard, David Essex and The Kinks all appeared at one time or another. On 17 April 1974, viewers were treated to 35 minutes of non-stop Pan’s People, including an infamous set with Louise and Dee Dee dancing on cushions wearing very little indeed. This routine is shown today on virtually all Pan’s People retrospectives. In a 1994 documentary Louise said that these skimpy little outfits were actually one of the most expensive costumes ever made for the group.


RIP Louise Clarke

Plan 9 - Frustration (1982) vinyl rip FLAC

01 - Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye
02 - How Many Times
03 - I Can Only Give You Everything
04 - I’m Not There
05 - Move
06 - Flashback
07 - Frustration

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Mr. Horatio Knibbles (1971)

Taking it’s cue from the James Stewart-starring masterpiece Harvey, here we have the cult 1971 Childrens Film Foundation film Mr. Horatio Knibbles which tells the tale of a large creepy looking rabbit (dressed in fine gentlemen attire!) who can only be seen by a young girl. Starring Lesley Roach, Gary Smith, Anthony Shepherd and the late, great David Lodge (an always welcome face in any British comedy production), amongst others. The screenplay was co-written by Peter Blackmore who was also involved in writing all three Morecambe & Wise movies. Look out for an appearance by Roy Barraclough – best known for his work with Les Dawson and as Coronation Street‘s Alec Gilroy.
The plot: Charming tale about a large white rabbit who can only be seen by a young girl. The young girl tries to convince her friends and family he really exists but until they are believers he won’t reveal himself to them.
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Mr. Horatio Knibbles 1971
Approx. 56 mins
1.36 GB 

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