SuperVixens (1975)

Stars Shari Eubank, Uschi Digard, Christy Hartbug, Colleen Brennan and some guys too.

Synopsis: In Russ Meyer's SUPERVIXENS, Clint (Charles Pitts) works diligently at Bormann's filling station to provide for his beautiful but excessively nagging wife, Superangel (Shari Eubank). When a neighbor calls the police after hearing a domestic squabble between the two, the call is answered by Officer Harry Sledge (Associate Producer and Jonathan Demme regular Charles Napier). Harry takes a liking to Superangel and comes back the next day while Clint is working. Though Superangel attempts to seduce Harry, he is unable to perform, leading her to ridicule him. His violent temper leads him to murder her in the bathtub (in a horrifyingly graphic scene), which results in Clint being framed for the murder of his own wife while crazed Harry goes on the loose. Hapless Clint then goes cross-country in an effort to clear his name. SUPERVIXENS is an undeniably odd work--part skin flick, part violent action film, with something to offend and amaze everyone. Regarded by some Meyer fans as a work distilled down to the most basic elements of his aesthetic, the film is ultimately an ultraviolent macho cartoon fantasy, brimming over with square jaws, blood, breasts, and dynamite.
Trivia: The first draft of the script was written during an eight day writing session at the Mauna Kea Hotel in Hawaii by Russ Meyer. It was the first feature script he wrote himself.- imdb

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