God's prototype

There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Abducted by the Daleks (2005)

..at least there's a Pink Floyd music *)

Final proof that there's a fetish for everyone: the Daleks, the genocidal cyborgs from Doctor Who, starred in their own porn video a few years ago — and it turns out those egg-whisk guns of theirs have a setting we never knew about. Abducted By Daleks had barely gone on sale before the BBC sued and banned it out of existence. Copies are now incredibly rare — but well worth hunting down, if only for the amusement value. More NSFW evidence of surprising Dalek sexiness, after the jump.

After watching the movie, all the way through, it's never entirely clear to me exactly why the Daleks want to capture healthy human women in stripper heels in the first place. They make a huge show of "interrogating" the women, but never actually ask any questions. It's also not clear if they want to mate with these women — which would be quite out of character for the Daleks, who are obsessed with racial purity on Doctor Who. Even when they finally accept human DNA, only one cell in a billion is worthy of cultivation.

Abducted starts with three women picking up a fourth (who's really a Dalek agent) and then as they're driving down the street, they run over a super-fake looking alien and their car is wrecked. Even though there's a woman-skinning serial killer at large, the four women wander off into the forest, split up and then decide to remove their clothes randomly. And that's when the Daleks grab them with their teleportation device. I love the fact that the women don't notice they've been teleported to an alien spaceship and are surrounded by Daleks, until one Dalek makes a throat-clearing noise.

The interrogation doesn't go very well, so first the Daleks bring in their sexy human agent, who dresses up like a dominatrix and threatens the women with a big bullwhip. And then the Daleks set their ray guns on vibrate and train them on the women...

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A gift...

Mean Streets (1973) - Soundtrack

Originally titled Season of The Witch, Mean Streets is both an accomplishment in film in its own right, as well as a blueprint for the themes and motifs Martin Scorsese would later expand on and finesse for the next three decades. It’s all here: Cosa Nostra, religious devotion an doubt, moral contradiction, loyalty, family, and of course, violence. What also began with Mean Streets was the filmmakers relationship with, and use of, music to underscore his film’s action.

With Mean Streets not only did Scorsese change the face of cinema, but he also helped change the notion of what role music plays in film. Abstaining from a traditional score, the film makes use of contemporary pop music throughout the course of the narrative to accentuate each scene. Whether its the Stones “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” playing as DeNiro’s Johnny Boy walks, in slow motion, into the bar, The Ronettes “Be My Baby” set against the film’s intro 8mm backdrop, or The Chips “Rubber Biscuit.” frenetically playing as Harvey Keitel’s character Charlie loses himself to the moment, the music is setting up mood and character, both in a micro and macro sense.