Gosti iz galaksije (1981)

From 1981, here we have the nutty, weird and wonderful sci-fi children's comedy Gosti iz galaksije aka Visitors From The Galaxy. Starring Zarko Potocnjak, Lucie Zulová and Ksenia Prohaska (she appeared in Bugsy as Marlene Dietrich), amongst others. Directed by Dusan Vukotic - the first Croatian (and also the first foreigner) to win an Oscar. This movie is cool for many reasons - it features humanoid kids who shoot blue beams out of their eyes, a Metroplolis-style alien babe who has powers beyond reason and, best of all, a Triffid-type plant-creature-monster-thing that has some very perverted-looking ways of attacking people...

The plot: Robert is a science fiction writer, who realizes that he can make his thoughts material. Because of that, a group of aliens arrives to Earth. Their leader is Andra, who shows affection for Robert, which does not please his girlfriend, Biba. A monster, Mumu, has arrived together with the visitors from space.This is what kids' films should be like: inventive, dark, daft, crazy and not just made for entertaining the kids. Even in a completely foreign language (there are no subtitles), I find movies like this far more enjoyable and entertaining than sickly over-hyped, patronising garbage like Finding Nemo.

Gosti iz galaksije (1981)
Country: Yugoslavia/Czechoslovakia
Language: Serbo-Croatian
Approx. 84 mins 596 mb

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