David Bowie - The Image & The Looking Glass Murders

From 1967, we have the brilliantly bizarre The Image - a freaky short movie co-starring Michael Byrne about an artist whose painting comes to life and haunts him. This short movie seems to have been a heavy influence on the superb David Mallet-directed promo video for Bowie's 1979 classic (and one of my personal favourites) "Look Back In Anger". The Image is a superb, atmospheric, little arty horror-thriller.
The Image (1967) Approx. 13 min

From 1970, we have the superb, surreal pantomime The Looking Glass Murders starring Bowie's mime mentor (and, allegedly, ex-lover) Lindsay Kemp. Adapted from Kemp and Bowie's original stage play Pierrot In Turquoise, Bowie co-stars as "Cloud" and sings a few songs including "When I Live My Dream" and a catchy little ditty called "Threepenny Pierrot" which Bowie fanatics (such as myself!) will know that the tune was also used for the early Bowie classic "London Bye Ta-Ta".
"The Looking Glass Murders" (1970) Approx. 26 min 1 2 3