Rare Earth - Get Ready (2005)

01 - Big Brother
02 - Born To Wander
03 - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
04 - Ma
05 - Tobacco Road
06 - Losin You
07 - Get Ready
08 - I Just Want To Celebrate
09 - Big John


The Easybeats - It's 2 Easy (1966)


01) Let Me Be
02) You Are The Light
03) Women
04) Come And See Her
05) I'll Find Somebody To Take Your Place
06) Someway Somewhere
07) Easy As Can Be
08) I Can See
09) Sad And Lonely And Blue
10) Something Wrong
11) In My Book
12) What About Our Love
13) Then I'll Tell You Goodbye
14) Wedding Ring
15) Me Or You
16) Too Much
17) I'll Make You Happy
18) Very Special Man, A
19) Trying So Hard
20) Friday On My Mind
21) Make My Bed Gonna Lie In It
22) Happy Is The Man
23) How You Doing Now
24) All Gone Boy
25) Mandy


Blues Traveler Discography

Blues Traveler is a blues-rock band, formed in Princeton, New Jersey in 1987. The band has been influenced by a variety of genres, including blues-rock, psychedelic rock, folk rock, soul, and Southern rock. They are known for extensive use of segues in their live performances.

Currently, the group comprises singer and harmonica player John Popper, guitarist Chan Kinchla, drummer Brendan Hill, bassist Tad Kinchla and keyboardist Ben Wilson. Tad Kinchla and Ben Wilson joined the band following the death of original bassist Bobby Sheehan in 1999 of a drug overdose in New Orleans, Louisiana.

While Blues Traveler is best known among fans for their improvisational live shows, the general public is most familiar with the group from their singles "But Anyway", "Run-Around" and "Hook". They gained mainstream radio popularity from their fourth studio album Four, released in 1994.

Sheehan's death and Popper's struggle with obesity put a damper on the group's success, and A&M dropped the band in 2002. However, the band took this transition period as an opportunity to start in new directions musically, going largely independent and releasing on smaller experimental labels.


Strange Days (1995)

Director: Kathryn Bigelow
James Cameron

Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, Juliette Lewis, Tom Sizemore, Michael Wincott and Vincent D'Onofrio.
In December 1999, Los Angeles has become a nightmare with heightened police tensions and civil unrest, stemming largely from the brutal murder of Jeriko One (Glenn Plummer), a hip-hop artist strongly critical of the LAPD's pervasive brutality. In the last days of the millennium, former police detective turned street hustler Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes) deals in 'SQUID' recordings: experiences recorded directly from the cerebral cortex which when played back through a MiniDisc-like device allow a user to experience all recorded sensory inputs as if actually doing it themselves. Despite his charming and suave veneer, Lenny is a deeply unhappy man who constantly yearns for his ex-girlfriend Faith (Juliette Lewis), repeatedly reliving their happier times through his own SQUID recordings of her, while relying on his bodyguard friend Lornette "Mace" Mason (Bassett) for emotional support.

While dealing erotic SQUID recordings, Lenny receives a "black jack" (snuff) disc portraying the excruciating rape and murder of Iris (Brigitte Bako), a prostitute he is acquainted with and who met with him hours before her death. Deeply troubled by both the tape and warnings Iris had made about Faith's safety (the two having been friends), and convinced that the killer will strike again, Lenny immediately overreacts using his paranoia as an excuse to try to get Faith away from new boyfriend, music industry mogul Philo Gant (Michael Wincott).

Over time Lenny receives more snuff tapes, clearly made by the same person as the original recording, and he and Mace eventually discover that the case is tied to a cover-up of the murder of Jeriko One by LAPD officers sick of the trouble his message is causing. As they are hunted by the two police officers that committed the murder and constantly repelled by Philo's goons, Lenny and Mace find themselves in a race to uncover the full truth before the murderer catches up with them, and before civil war descends on Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Lenny and Mace's relationship begins to deepen and intensify as he finds out the truth about Faith, while trying to protect her.

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Galerians: Rion (2004)

Director: Masahiko Maesawa
Writer: Chinfa Kang
In a dark dystopic future, humankind is controlled by Dorothy, a sentient supercomputer who believes she is god. To help do her bidding, she created beings known as Galerians -- humans with supernatural and psychokinetic abilities that rival no other. Enter Rion, a young man who possesses the skills of the Galerians, and unwillingly holds the key to Dorothy's destruction within his mind. As enemies search to destroy him, Rion must race against the clock to find his long lost sister and save humanity, before Dorothy and the Galerians can destroy it...

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Amboy Dukes - Flight of The Byrd (1968)

The Screaming Skull (1958)

The Screaming Skull begins with a voiceover explaining that the film is so frightening it may kill members of the audience, and that American International Pictures is prepared to pay for any burial services and funeral costs. During the voiceover, the camera pans inside an empty casket containing a note that reads "Reserved for you"...

Newlyweds Eric and Jenni Whitlock retire to his desolate mansion, where Eric's first wife Marianne died from a mysterious freak accident. Jenni, who has a history of mental illness, begins to see strange things including a mysterious skull, which may or may not be a product of her imagination. Suspicion falls on Mickey, the estate's mentally challenged gardener, who was seemingly was very attached to his former mistress.


Ninja Vixens: Virgin Nightmares (2008)

The execution of an alluring witch from the past opens an erotic portal to another dimension. When a poor young family moves into a desolate house, they are haunted by the strange cracks in the wall. The occult atmosphere forces the husband into bizarre sexual acts. Cruelty brews as no one, not even their young daughter, is safe from the powerful and erotic evil emanating from the unexplained fissures. A unique tale of a Japanese horror with a sensual twist that you've never seen!


Shorty's Brain

The Easybeats - Good Times

Cream - Strange Brew