PLANK! EP (must have)

Plank! were first introduced to me as ‘kraut-mathrock’. And that’s a pretty good summation for the dark rhythmic instrumentals produced by this Manchester-based three-piece. The band comprises of Dave Rowe (Guitar/Keyboard) , Ed Troup (Bass), Jonny Winbolt-Lewis (Drums) and their eponymous and debut EP has just been released on Akoustik Anarkhy. Now I’ve a huge soft-spot for the Manchester club night-cum-label but at first glance Plank! seem out of step with their label mates. Rather than appealing but shambolic lo-fi, Plank! deliver glistening, well-drilled motorik rhythms. The Guardian Guide – not usually the most reliable reviewer of singles – described lead track 'La Luna' as “think Fugazi crossed with Slint crossed with Stereolab crossed with awesome”. And boy they are not wrong.

1 La Luna
2 1001 Nacht
3 Arse Nick
4 Phlaa


Crimewave (1985)

Crimewave is a comedy film directed by Sam Raimi, an unusual slapstick mix of film noir, black comedy and several eras, starring Reed Birney, Paul L. Smith, Louise Lasser, Brion James, Bruce Campbell, and Sheree J. Wilson. It was his first studio film following the success of The Evil Dead. The film is also known as The XYZ Murders in some parts of the world, although it was first shown to a public in a sneak preview with the title Broken Hearts And Noses.

The Three Stooges inspired script was written by Raimi along with Joel and Ethan Coen (whom the director formerly met during post production of The Evil Dead) and contains a prison named Hudsucker. The brothers would go on to make the film The Hudsucker Proxy with Raimi and Campbell. The name also appears in their 1987 film Raising Arizona. Elements of Crimewave were also re-used by frequent Raimi collaborator Josh Becker for the movie Lunatics: A Love Story, as well as by Raimi himself in Spider-Man and its sequels. Much of the film's comedy derives from the combination of surprises with traditional, explicitly familiar gags.

Download links: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

July - July (1968)

"Š˛riginally released on Major Minor in 1968, this superb release went largely unnoticed at the time, but is now held in the same high regard as Tomorrow, Blossom Toes, The Koobas and many other luminaries of the UK 60s psych scene, with awesome biting guitar, rich harmonies, sitar, bongos, and above all, inventive songwriting!"

01 - My Clown
02 - Dandelion Seeds
03 - Jolly Mary
04 - Hallo To Me
05 - You Missed It All
06 - The Way
07 - To Be Free
08 - Move On Sweet Flower
09 - Crying Is For Writers
10 - I See
11 - Friendly Man
12 - A Bird Lived
13 - Hallo Who's There [Bonus]
14 - The Way [Bonus]