Roberta Vasquez

Roberta Vasquez was born in Los Angeles, on February 13, 1963. Playmate of the Month for November, 1984, her measurements then were 40DD-25-36. She stood at 5'8", weighing 125lb, with some of the most perfect natural breasts to ever appear in Hef's magazine.
Roberta Vasquez: former California Highway Patrolwoman!

Roberta acted in several movies made by Andy Sidaris, in the late '80s and early '90s (including Picasso Trigger, Out for Blood, and Guns). A former California Highway Patrolwoman, she ended up playing one in Clint Eastwood's 1990 film, The Rookie. She has also featured in several Playmate compilation videos and publications, including Wet and Wild Women (July, 1987) and 21 Playmates (April 1997).

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“I dropped out of college for one semester. I started working, and ten years went by like that. Life gets in the way.”

The Cars - Moving In Stereo

Humphrey Bogart

Captain Beefheart - Strictly Personal (1968)

Recorded six months after the raucous Mirror Man sessions, Strictly Personal is marred only by odd phase-shifting effects and the insertion of backwards tapes allegedly added by Beefheart's manager to make him sound closer to the "acid rock" trend then prevailing. Still, Beefheart's playful nature comes shining through. His stream-of-consciousness leads him to the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" during "Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones." "Ah Feel Like Ahcid" is Beefheart's trademark over-the-top Howlin' Wolf blues set three steps ahead. Drummer John French, in particular, gives Beefheart's music its listener-challenging edge, jumpcutting as the rhythm becomes familiar. That he gets weirder and fully realized from here is a testament to Beefheart's lifelong obsession with uncovering something new underneath the same old rock.

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Hard Hunted (1992)

A nuclear trigger is being smuggled to the mid east, and the "global balance of power is in jeopardy". A female federal agent goes undercover to steal it and ends up being murdered. 3 other busty federal agents, all former playboy playmates, along with their beefcake companions, have to save the day.

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The Amazing Screw-On Head (2006)

F***** Awesome !!!

Education for Death (1943)

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Dead Fury (2008)

Sheena - Queen Of The Jungle

Animal Instinct (1992)

A cop and his sexually frustrated wife are struggling to keep their failing marriage intact, when by chance he finds that he is at heart a voyeuristic peeping tom. To satisfy him, his wife has numerous affairs, which her husband watches on closed-circuit televison. However, the pair soon learn that when you play with fire, you'll always get burned.


Reminder: Eva "Tundi" Horvath

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Satan Panonski Discography

1989A - Ljuljamo ljubljeni ljubicasti ljulj @160kbps
01 - Oci U Magli.mp3
02 - Iza Zida.mp3
03 - Kliktaj.mp3
04 - Lepi Mario.mp3
05 - Odrezi Narezi Zarezi.mp3
06 - Misli Li Istok.mp3
07 - Trpi Kurvo.mp3
08 - Dragi Sine Moj.mp3
09 - Nadja.mp3
10 - Rukometno Igraliste.mp3
11 - Pogledaj Mama Krv.mp3
12 - Obdukcija.mp3
13 - Miliana Ima Gliste.mp3
14 - Robija.mp3
15 - Junacka Jebacka Pesma.mp3
16 - Junacka Pesma 2.mp3
17 - Poslednji Dinosaur Umire.mp3

1989B - Live Guliver (sa spoonsima) @192kbps
01-dragi sine moj.mp3
02-iza zida.mp3
04-odrezite sise.mp3
05-vi niste jedini.mp3
06-ratno stanje.mp3
07-odrezi, narezi, zarezi.mp3
09-oci u magli.mp3
10-trpi kurvo.mp3

1990 - Nuklearne Olimpijske Igre @128kbps
01.Hard blood shock.mp3
02.Pioniri maleni.mp3
03.Ratno stanje.mp3
05.Odrezite sise.mp3
06.Djecakova Pjesma.mp3
07.Oci u magli.mp3
09.Iza zida.mp3
14.Trpi kurvo.mp3
15.Dragi sine moj.mp3
16.Sexualni distonalitet.mp3
17.Caj od maka.mp3
18. Kiss my cock.mp3
19 Odrezi, narezi, zarezi.mp3
20 Misli li istok.mp3
22.Lepi mario.mp3
Satan Omot_Nuklearne Olimpijske Igre.jpg

1992 - Kako je panker branio hrvatsku @VBRkbps
01-beogradski pasaluk.mp3
02-panonski satan.mp3
04-meni smrt opsesija.mp3
05-dragi sine moj.mp3
06-odrezi, narezi, zarezi.mp3
07-medley-ti ces doci+obdukcija+ja sam pusila.compressed.mp3
08-covjek covjeka.mp3
09-lepi mario.mp3
10-prepuna je krvi drina.mp3
11-panonski satan.mp3
12-ja sam pusila svom tati kurac.mp3
kako je panker branio hrvatsku cover.jpg

Predzadnja proba @192kbps
03-prepuna je krvi drina.mp3
05-vratit ces se satane.mp3
07-lepi mario.mp3
12-dragi sine moj.mp3
13-odrezi, narezi, zarezi.mp3
14-prepuna je krvi drina.mp3
15-vratit ces se satane.mp3
17-ja sam pusila svom tati kurac.mp3
18-covjek covjeka.mp3
19-lepi mario.mp3
20-kraj kazete.mp3

Zadnja proba 20 min prije smrti
04-ja sam pusila svom tati kurac.mp3
06-odrezi, narezi, zarezi.mp3
07-lepi mario.mp3
08-dragi sine moj.mp3


Helltrain (1977)

Train sp├ęcial pour SS (1977)


The Killer Nun (1978)

Suor Omicidi (1978)

Maybe it's a weakness, but I'm a sucker for true-crime documentaries. So when the splash screen bearing the above disclaimer--or "claimer," more appropriately, I guess--opened the 1978 nunsploitation sleaze-fest The Killer Nun (aka Suor Omicidi, aka Deadly Habits), I was already riveted. What shocking sights awaited my eager, open eyes? What blasphemous images lay in wait, ready to inject themselves into my cortex like morphine into Sister Gertrude's troubled veins? I couldn't know, but I was dying to find out. 86 delirious minutes later I woke up disoriented and raving in the basement of St. Ignacius Hospital, surrounded by a dozen spent ampules, shattered syringes, and piles of suspiciously damp hosiery. What have you done, Sister Gertrude? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

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