Focus - In and out of focus (1970)

In and Out of Focus is the 1970 debut album by the Dutch band Focus.

The album was initially recorded in 1969 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and subsequently re-recorded in London, UK. For these sessions vocalist/keyboardist Thijs van Leer, bassist Martijn Dresden, and drummer Hans Cleuver---a cabaret trio---were joined by ex-Brainbox guitarist Jan Akkerman.

Generally speaking, the songs on this recording are more pop-oriented than most subsequent Focus releases, though tinges of classical, jazz, and blues styles do come to the fore on certain tracks.

1. Focus (vocal) (2:44)
2. Black beauty (3:05)
3. Sugar island (3:03)
4. Anonymous (7:00)
5. House of the king (2:20)
6. Happy nightmare (mescaline) (3:56)
7. Why dream (3:57)
8. Focus (instrumental) (9:45)


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Awesome, these guys are awesome! Thanks for the download!