30 years without Ian

Ian Kevin Curtis (15 July 1956 – 18 May 1980) was the songwriter and lyricist of the band Joy Division, which he joined in 1976 after meeting Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook at a Sex Pistols gig.

Ian Curtis, vocalist with Joy Division, was found dead in Manchester Street on Sunday morning. He is believed to have committed suicide. Curtis has recently been involved with heavy recordings schedules a new album, a new single, and a free single and would have been embarking on a short American tour with Joy Division in the near future.

Previous Joy Division releases included the much-acclaimed debut album "Unknown Pleasures", with Manchester's Factory Records. Tony Wilson, proprietor of Factory and lynchpin for numerous Manchester bands, told Record Mirror: "I can't go into detail yet, obviously. All I can say is that what he was found on Sunday morning I found out about it while I was in the studio mixing the new album and that he was a very sensitive young man. He obviously decided he'd be happier somewhere elsebut at least we'd had the opportunity of meeting him, getting to know him. We're just left feeling sorry for ourselves, which I suppose is the wrong kind of emotion."


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