Evel Knievel (1971)

This 1971 biographical flick stars the leather-faced George Hamilton in his least celebrated role, playing a true American icon. Jam-packed and overflowing with lovingly recreated Knievel speeches, a massive amount of actual bone-snapping Knievel footage, and the irrepressible bigness of Montana's craziest son, this crusty cinema will have you wincing in pain as you watch Knievel's famous crash at Caesar's Palace in glorious slow-motion. -- The Isotope Guerrilla Cult Theatre features pubic domain trashy flicks from Hollywood's yesteryear for your viewing enjoyment. These films are undisputedly in the public domain in the USA, and in all known cases no underlying music or literary rights have been claimed. If any rights are disputed we will be happy to remove the film from our virtual cinema. If you like these movies look up the actors, directors, and musicans on-line and send them gift baskets, cool swag, and/or money. The Isotope doesn't want anything from you except your love.