Wicked Willie

Wicked Willie, aka Man’s Best Friend, first assaulted public decency nearly 20 years ago with outrageous revelations about his life involving just about everyone on the planet. Some were shocked, some were aghast, but most were tickled and amused, and as a result bought over five million of his books. Wicked Willie: Reloaded is a tour of the world of Willie, including a bit of history, friendships, casual or otherwise and above all, great, humorous cartoons. Official website.

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poljaff said...

Znaci, me zgazi do smeenje koga vidov deka si go zakacil na "Filmovi od detstvoto" na FB :D

Baaad boy :)))))

OVERLORD said...

Haha... pa za mene bese film od detstvoto. Ama stvarno se namaciv dodeka go najdov :(