Pippi Goes On Board (1969)

Pippi Goes On Board is the second film culled from the 13 part Swedish TV series, first surfacing in Germany in 1969 as PIPPI GEHT VON BORD and released out of sequence in America in 1975 (after PIPPI IN THE SOUTH SEAS, actually the third film). More random adventures unfold, though there is perhaps a little more cohesion in the editing and time structure. There is a natural progression with regard to the seasons (the fair-ground episode is clearly Autumn), leading through the first snow of Winter and to the wacky Yule celebrations as Pippi decorates her 'lemonade tree' in lieu of the more traditional Christmas pine. Having decided to stay on in the Villa Villekulla and not accompany her father to the South Seas, to the joy of Tommy and Annika, Pippi continues to turn things upside down in her quest for fun. Amongst many things, Pippi leads Annika and Tommy on a bric-a-brac hunt, throws a bizarre birthday party, causes chaos at a carnival, goes camping on a remote island, builds the World's biggest snowball and celebrates Christmas her own way. Pippi even takes on the Swedish education system single-handedly - guess who wins? With priggish Miss Prysselius - aided by Kling and Klang - still desperate to get the rebellious red-head into a children's home, and the two scheming rogues Thunder-Karlsson and Blom to sort out, the season of goodwill could prove a testing time for Pippi!

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