The Keep (1983)

The Keep is a horror film directed by Michael Mann (Heat,Public Enemies). It was released by Paramount Pictures. The story is based on the F. Paul Wilson novel of the same name, published in 1981 (1982 in the United Kingdom).

Wilson has expressed his distaste for the film version publicly, writing in the short story collection The Barren (and Others) that it is, "Visually intriguing, but otherwise utterly incomprehensible."

Despite being a critical and commercial failure, it retained a cult following, mostly due to the film's music score by Tangerine Dream and the film's mixture of Gothic horror and WWII elements. The insane OST you can find at Videodrome.

A board game based on the film was designed by James D. Griffin and published by Mayfair Games.

Romania, 1942, a detachment of the German Army is sent to gaurd a mysterious Romanian citadel located on a strategic mountain pass. When soldiers begin to be mysteriously murdered, the SS arrives to deal with what is thought to be partisan activity. What the SS finds, however, is an evil force trapped within the Keep and a force which will do anything in order to escape.

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