The Complete Anna Nicole Smith

From small-town Texas waitress to Playmate of the Year and fashion model, this rags to riches story only gets better as Anna Nicole Smith made headlines as the $450 million heiress. You'll savor every fact and film clip as we bring you the complete story of the life of this vivacious, curvaceous and timeless beauty. Hosted by A.J. Benza of E!'s Mysteries & Scandals, our Texas-size pinup gets maximum exposure as we trace her path from country girl to super celeb, and finally to wife of an aged oil tycoon. This A-Z biography includes celebrity interviews and never-before-seen nude video clips chronicling the life of this captivating starlet. If you are an Anna Nicole Smith fan, this is the video you must have in your collection! Thanks to her sheer determination and incredible curves, Anna Nicole Smith became one of the world's most recognizable celebrities. This sexy video chronicles her remarkable rise to the top!

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