Spectrum - Soul Kiss (Gide Divine) 1992

Formed in the ashes of Spacemen 3 and after Sonic Boom's Spectrum album, Spectrum were a functioning band for about a year or two before, Sonic Boom used the "Spectrum" moniker for his own synthesized experiments. However, this incarnation of the band, with Richard Formby of the Jazz Butcher on guitar, rocked. And, luckily I got to see them play Maxwells in Hoboken, New Jersey right after the album's U.S. release.

01. How You Satisfy Me
02. Lord I Don't Even Know My Name
03. The Drunk Suite
04. Neon Sigh
05. Waves Wash Over Me
06. (I Love You) To the Moon and Back
07. My Love for You Never Died Away But My Soul Gave Out & Withered
08. My Soul Gave Out and Withered
09. Touch the Stars
10. Quicksilver Glide Divine
11. The Drunk Suite
12. Phase Me Out (Gently)


So, smoke a shitload of the highest quality dope that you can find, listen to this stellar album... and get ready to not remember your name!


Anonymous said...

can you reupload it please?

OVERLORD said...

The first rs link is still valid

Anonymous said...

I feel stupid now. Thanks for sharing.