The Rapeman (1993)

Most people find the subject of rape a very strong, criminal and evil part of life. And they have every right to believe that way. Then there are other people who think rape can be used as a means of justice, a way to avenge rights and honor. Well, before this movie I always thought Rape was a weird touchy subject. Obviously there's some whacked out nut cases out there, hurting people and families for their own sick pleasures and some of these sickos will actually commit murder. But I also believed that the act of rape can be a desirous outcome for certain people. Well, the latter is tackled somewhat in a movie I'll most likely never forget.

The story is about a soft spoken, high school teacher who takes vengeance into his own hands at night by becoming Rape Man. He and his Uncle are partners in Rape Service. Where they offer rape as a means of Justice. They take their earned money through Rape Service and donate all of it to an orphanage which our hero grew up in. Their motto is "Righting Wrongs Through Penetration". One of the funniest and "coolest" mottos I've ever heard. Well, Uncle and Rapeman have become unwillingly involved in a political/mafia scandal. People are getting hurt, and that is not right. Rapeman stands for justice, honor and peace. He will not stop until the bad guys get what's coming to them! The movie is believe it or not, warmhearted. It's full of humor, and has some nice sex scenes...they are actually rape scenes but they don't play out like rape. Which for me makes the movie that much better. I wouldn't be down with this if the rape scenes were reminiscent of Irreversible. The movie has charm, a very good cast, some great music and well-written story! It take an incredibly serious subject and makes it seem OK....for 75 minutes anyways. It's definitely one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a while. And I'm definitely looking forward to the sequels. Yup, that's right!