Birtha - Can't Stop the Madness (1973)

Birtha was one of the select few all-female bands (along with LA's Fanny and Deadly Nightshade) to emerge in the early 1970's rock scene. While the other two bands certainly boast some high points in their repertoire, it is clear from this two-album compilation, that Birtha was more than strong from top to bottom. With not one, but three talented vocalists trading off on the lead mic, and dirty, bluesy guitars grinding with stunning precision behind, one listen will make you wonder why the hell this group isn't better remembered. Somewhere between the divine caterwalling of Heart, and a truck-stop house band's earthy grit, Birtha lies in wait to convert you to their wily whims. Those afraid of women who rock need not bother.

01. Can't Stop The Madness
02. My Pants Are Too Short
03. Freedom
04. Let Us Sing
05. Don't Let It Get You Down
06. (When Will Ya) Understand
07. Rock Me
08. All This Love
09. Sun
10. My Man Told Me

Rosemary Butler (vocals, bass)
Shele Pinizzotto (vocals, guitar)
Sherry Hagler (keyboards)
Olivia "Liver" Favela (vocals, drums)