Mama Lion - Preserve Wildlife (1972)

"Mama Lion" was a blues/rock quintet formed in the early seventies by Canadian bass player, singer/songwriter & producer Neil Merryweathe and Lynn (Catherine) Carey. Other band members included Coffi Hall (drums), Rick Gaxiola (guitar) and Jim Howard (soundtrack composer James Newton Howard). This line-up recorded this debut album "Preserve Wildlife" (1972) with the now famous gatefold with Lynn Carey nursing a lion cub.

Surprisingly, the band plays honest hard rock'n'roll and Lynn Carey's vocals are far from being sweet, as one would expect from her picture. She sings (I think "yells" describes it better) in Janis Joplin's way, but with a lower pitch and a voice that sometimes resembles those of old-time blues singers. Lynn has an IQ of over 160, so it is possible to be blonde, brainy & beautiful - and sing the blues!

01 Ain't No Sunshine.mp3
02 Be Bad With Me.mp3
03 Ain't Too Proud To Beg.mp3
04 Wildcat.mp3
05 Candy Man.mp3
06 Mr. Invitation.mp3
07 Sister,Sister.mp3
08 Can't Find My Way Home.mp3
09 It's Only A Dream.mp3
10 Cry.mp3

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