The Wild Sounds of Satan's Sadists!

The music for the film was composed by Harley Hatcher and performed by Hatcher, Paul Wibier and the Nightriders. It's hard to pin down a style because it's a mixture -- a little bubblegum, a little acid rock, some groovy instrumentals -- and it's very much of its time.

01. Satan (Theme) - Paul Wibier
02. Gotta Stop That Feeling - The Nightriders
03. Nice Set... (dialogue)
04. Is It Better to Have Loved and Lost? - Paul Wibier
05. I'm On My Way Out - The Nightriders
06. Firewater - Harley Hatcher
07. I Like the Way You Work - The Nightriders
08. Baby How I Fell For You - The Nightriders
09. Anchor's Speech (dialogue) - Russ Tamblyn
10. Love in the Afternoon - Harley Hatcher
11. Can You Dig It? - Harley Hatcher
12. Traces of Love - Harley Hatcher
13. The Chase Is On - Harley Hatcher
14. Born Mean - The Nightriders
15. Vietnam (dialogue)
16. Satan (Alternate Version)
17. Radio Spot (30 second)
18. Radio Spot (15 second)


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I would call you a fool, but some people hadn't had the experiences I'm having to this day. Nevertheless, only 2 realms after our demise, brudda, and 1 of 'em ain't too cool. Wiseabove. God bless you.