Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)

What can I possibly say about this movie? The whole gist is that some whacko "Master" dude creates a religious cult for hookers involving chainsaws. To get a little more specific, you have private detective Jack Chandler looking for a missing girl. Well, he stumbles across Mercedes and the girl he's looking for (Samantha) at the same time. Unfortunately Mercedes drugs him and he narrowly escapes with Samantha's help. Turns out the hot young lady isn't brainwashed after all, she's out to get revenge on the cult for killing a friend. Soon the inept detective and girlfriend are back in trouble, Jack is going to be sacrificed by the ritually drugged Samantha! Lucky for him she shakes it off in time to save the day. Guys are going to like this film a good deal more than most gals, come on - it's nothing but naked woman chopping up guys with chainsaws. The death scenes involve a "choppie" eye view of the "chopper" with blood being splashed on her, so don't look for anything elaborate. I've got a hearty respect for Sears after this one.

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