The Killer Nun (1978)

Suor Omicidi (1978)

Maybe it's a weakness, but I'm a sucker for true-crime documentaries. So when the splash screen bearing the above disclaimer--or "claimer," more appropriately, I guess--opened the 1978 nunsploitation sleaze-fest The Killer Nun (aka Suor Omicidi, aka Deadly Habits), I was already riveted. What shocking sights awaited my eager, open eyes? What blasphemous images lay in wait, ready to inject themselves into my cortex like morphine into Sister Gertrude's troubled veins? I couldn't know, but I was dying to find out. 86 delirious minutes later I woke up disoriented and raving in the basement of St. Ignacius Hospital, surrounded by a dozen spent ampules, shattered syringes, and piles of suspiciously damp hosiery. What have you done, Sister Gertrude? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

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