Julie Strain

Julie Strain - Queen of all Media is a genuine cult heroine. Her series of action/adventure and fantasy movies have earned her a fan base that many mainstream stars envy. Julie has been featured on television, in music videos and laser disc. She is a star attraction of calendars, posters and greeting cards. In the "Strain-mania" merchandise world, she can be found on coffee mugs, dolls, watches and countless trading cards. She retains a major appeal for art directors and editors of magazines who want the Strain face and form for covers and layouts in everything from Penthouse to Femme Fatales, from Vogue to Cosmopolitan, from Natural Body Building to American Rodder. Julie Strain even co-teaches a fine art and photography class at U.C.L.A. Julie's work behind the camera lens may not be as well known as her work in front of the lens but as the beauty she is truly an artist of note in the photography world!
Birth Name: Julie Ann Strain
Height: 6' 1"
Birth Date: February 18, 1962
Birth Place: Concord, California, USA
Profession: Actress, model
Half Sister: Lizzy Strain (actress)

Mega photo sets:
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"I loved being called a B-movie Queen. Why would I move on and start at the bottom? I get to be prom queen every year! I'm not a "Scream Queen", though. I make others scream." - Julie Strain


Metal Maidens said...

~Julie Strain is one Ulitimate Woman.~ As a woman I find her so empowering. WE have her as Metal Maiden Of The Month on our blogspot. Please look and follow if you wish.~!~