Mondo Topless! OST (1966)

This is The Aladdins and the music from Russ Meyer's Mondo Topless, a Sexy Trashy Documentary from 1966. A documentary of all things pertaining to the female...rack. Russ, the Fellini of the sex industry, was the foremost expert and aficionado of boobs and all things boob related and he had absolutely no shame about this fact. He never met a naked woman he didn't like, it's inspirational really.

01 Mondo Topless-Introduction
02 Pat Barringer
03 Diane Young
04 Babette Bardot
05 The Delight Of Men
06 It's Only A Dance
07 Zizie La Touche
08 Underwatersports
09 Berlin-Blues
10 Crazy Horse
11 The End



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