Mr. Horatio Knibbles (1971)

Taking it’s cue from the James Stewart-starring masterpiece Harvey, here we have the cult 1971 Childrens Film Foundation film Mr. Horatio Knibbles which tells the tale of a large creepy looking rabbit (dressed in fine gentlemen attire!) who can only be seen by a young girl. Starring Lesley Roach, Gary Smith, Anthony Shepherd and the late, great David Lodge (an always welcome face in any British comedy production), amongst others. The screenplay was co-written by Peter Blackmore who was also involved in writing all three Morecambe & Wise movies. Look out for an appearance by Roy Barraclough – best known for his work with Les Dawson and as Coronation Street‘s Alec Gilroy.
The plot: Charming tale about a large white rabbit who can only be seen by a young girl. The young girl tries to convince her friends and family he really exists but until they are believers he won’t reveal himself to them.
I’m going to give a shout out here to “KempyClassic” who originally posted this on Demonoid and very kindly seeded this rarity when I requested it. Cheers! :) 

Mr. Horatio Knibbles 1971
Approx. 56 mins
1.36 GB 

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