Making of Caligula

This is something a bit different. I've been trying to find a film that I can't see online in order to try out posting movies. Even my old collection of '80s vhs tapes which I copied onto DVD years ago all seem to be out there.

It's the documentary included with the Caligula "Imperial Edition" box set. I found it a lot more entertaining than the film itself. It consists of some guy with a booming bass voice commentating, Bob Guccione with a shirt open to his navel and a huge collection of medallions pontificating on "paganography" not "pornography", and Gore Vidal trying to justify what he'd written. It's all intercut with the porno bits of the film. I suppose that, in the late '70s, this seemed sophisticated. It had me laughing out loud.

Duration: 1:01:47
Size: 699MB
Resolution: 640 x 480

The password is GreatParsnip


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