Steve Morgen's "Morgen" (1969)

Morgen is the First and Only Album by the American Psychedelic Hard-Rock Band Morgen.
Morgen was formed in Long Island, New York in the United States of America. The entire Band revolved around Steve Morgen, the Lead Singer and the only songwriter, it must be said though that Steve is not actually the best musician in the Band. The lyrics are quite weird and his singing is not bad but it is not fantastic either, even though it certainly has some energy in it, the Guitarists easily surpass him with their Fuzzed-out Guitars. I’m not saying that the Band or the Songs are bad, because they are obviously good and in some terms even excellent, there is consistency all throughout the Album and no weak-spots. What happened to Steve Morgen? What happened to the remaining members of the Band? I cannot say, no one seems to know what happened to them and what they did the rest of their lives, if they are alive or not, if they still perform or play music. It is unknown to me. The Original LP is worth many hundreds of Dollars and it seems that it was only re-issued in CD by some minor Record-Companies, making this a much sought after Album for collectors.
Best Tracks – “Welcome To The Void”, “Eternity In Between”, “She’s The Nitetime” and “Love”. How could I complain about the Cover-Art if it is a copy of one of my favorite paintings of all time, “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. Although it is quite unimaginative to just use a picture already made in an Album Cover it is great that they used it.

- Steve Morgen – Vocals.
- Bob Maiman – Drums.
- Barry Stock – Guitar.
- Rennie Genossa – Guitar.

Track List:
01. Welcome To The Void – 4:47
02. Of Dreams – 5:37
03. Beggin Your Pardon (Miss Joan) – 4:49
04. Eternity In Between – 5:06
05. Purple – 4:11
06. She’s The Nitetime – 3:30
07. Love – 10:53



Anonymous said...

If you want the full story about "Morgens Dreame Spectrum" log on to "Galactic Ramble", "Morgen"It will help you with who's who in "Morgen" I'm alive and still playing. Drummer on the album, Mike Ratti,thats me.