TV: Return to Treasure Island (1986)

Return to Treasure Island is a Disney mini-series, starring Brian Blessed as Long John Silver.
Disney Channel contracted the UK ITV broadcaster HTV Wales to actually produce the series, and it was shot in Wales, Spain and Jamaica. It was written by John Goldsmith, and directed by Piers Haggard and Alex Kirby.
HTV Wales' staff had little experience of high-end TV drama, but Director of Photography Tony Impey headed a crew which surpassed themselves in producing a very classy-looking series.
Music for the series was composed by Terry Oldfield, whose score for the BBC history series "In Search Of The Trojan War" had impressed Piers Haggard.


Anonymous said...

is it all of 5 parts?

OVERLORD said...

They are 10 episodes (all) in 18 parts of rapidshare links

elvis_preka said...

nice thank you all 10 parts

elvis_preka said...

thank you