The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction (1966)

01. Psychotic Reaction [Mono Version]
02. Double Decker Bus [Mono Version]
03. Pretty Big Mouth [Mono Version]
04. World [Mono Version]
05. My Generation [Mono Version]
06. She's Fine [Mono Version]
07. Peace of Mind [Mono Version]
08. They're Gonna Get You [Mono Version]
09. Morning After [Mono Version]
10. Can't Get Your Lovin' [Mono Version]
11. Out in the Street [Mono Version]
12. Move It Up [Mono Version]
13. So Much [Mono Version]
14. You Must Believe Me [Mono Version]
15. Teeny Bopper, Teeny Bopper [Stereo]
16. Contrast [Stereo]
17. Merry-Go-Round [Mono Version]
18. Revelation in Slow Motion [Mono Version]
19. Declaration of Independence [Mono Version]
20. Enchanted Flowers [Mono Version]
21. Mailman [Stereo]
22. Contrast [Mono Version Demo Version]
23. People Hear What I Say [Mono Version]
24. Psychotic Reaction [Mono Version]