Beautiful Girl hunter (1979)

Dabide no hoshi: Bishôjo-gari (1979)

A murderer running from the police breaks into the house of a wealthy couple and rapes the homeowner's wife while the man looks on. The woman has an orgasm while being assaulted, so earning the hatred of her husband, who subsequently punishes her by repeatedly tying her up, whipping her, and forcing her to watch him commit adultery. The man does, however, raise the woman's son, Tatsuya, as his own, even though the boy's biological father is the rapist. When Tatsuya becomes an adult (after his mother's suicide and his father's death while boating), he decides to adopt a new liftestyle. He begins kidnapping women so that he can torture, rape, and kill them in a dungeon beneath his mansion. At the same time, his actual father decides to pay him a visit, and, following their reunion, the two men jointly indulge in various acts of brutality.