The Big Bird Cage (1972)

The Big Bird Cage is a lovely movie all around. There's plenty of gorgeous and fertile *ahem* scenery. And by scenery I mean the constant nudity, as well as Pam Grier's majorly caged rack (she doesn't take it off in this one!). The Big Bird Cage is a damn entertaining movie. It's part zany, part savage, and hella impressive throughout. Both this movie and its predecessor, The Big Doll House, are in a completely different grade level than their peers in the women-in-prison genre. The Big Doll House was a huge success, grossing $10 million in theaters. The BBC followed it up strong with the same formula that made the first one great. The sets and the cast were expanded for The BBC, but each of the characters still retain the same uniquely endearing camp qualities that make the scenes memorable. Jack Hill, the writer and director of both films, has been largely credited for pioneering the women in prison genre based on these two movies.

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