Deadly Weapons (1974)

Chesty Morgan ... Crystal (as Zsa Zsa)
Harry Reems ... Tony (as Harry Reemes)
Richard Towers ... Larry (as Greg Reynolds)
Saul Meth ... Nick / Talent Agent
Phillip Stahl ... Crystal's father
Mitchell Fredericks
Denise Purcell ... Eve

Deadly Weapons is a 1974 American soft porn drama directed by Doris Wishman, starring striptease performer Chesty Morgan (credited as Zsa Zsa). The film is based on a story conceived by J.J. Kendall (Judith Kushner), Wishman's niece, and features porn star Harry Reems in a non-sexual role. This is the first of two films Wishman made with Chesty Morgan, famous for her 73 inch bust. The second of the two features is Double Agent 73, a spy thriller. This film is seen briefly in John Waters' Serial Mom when Justin Whalin's character Scotty is masturbating.

Zsa Zsa plays Crystal, an advertising executive who tracks down the mobsters who killed her boyfriend (Harry Reemes). One by one, she seduces each man, drugs him, then smothers him to death with her large breasts. At the end, she finds out that it was her own father (Phillip Stahl) who ordered her lover's execution.

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