The Street Fighter's Last Revenge (1974)

The Street Fighter introduced audiences to a tough-as-nails Japanese mercenary named Takuma "Terry" Tsurugi (Sonny Chiba). With its over-the-top violence and charismatic lead actor, the film proved popular enough to spawn two official sequels in the same year and earn a devoted cult following upon its U.S. release (with Quentin Tarantino as one of its most famous fans). Though most sequels tend to be inferior to the originals, the Street Fighter series is one of the rare exceptions where each succeeding film improves upon the last—at least in terms of entertainment value, but not necessarily in terms of plot. Whether a person would agree with such a claim could probably be measured by how they react to the film's snappy pre-credit sequence. During these scenes, the hero's face remains hidden behind a Mission:Impossible style human mask he wears. After saving a mobster during this sequence, the grateful man asks Tsurugi to identify himself. In a gloriously cheesy moment, Terry rips off his latex disguise, flashes a winning smile, and quips, "Terry Tsurugi's my name, but some people call me the Street Fighter!" The film suddenly freeze-frames on Chiba's toothy grin as the title card appears, accompanied by the film's funky Lalo Schifrin-inspired theme song! If you find that sort of overt goofball campiness endearing then this movie's definitely for you.

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